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Study of transformer explosion prevention with bushing turret protection


Liquid-filled power transformers typically contain thousands of liters of flammable insulation. When this insulation breaks down, there is a high risk of transformer failure that would endanger human life, generate envi- ronmental hazards, and destroy valuable assets. Because live tests involv- ing arcing are expensive and potentially dangerous, numerical simulations are a useful alternative to study faults over a wide range of transformers. 

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Case Study on Mechanical Depressurization of Live Transformer Subject to Internal Arc

case study

Figure 1 Schematic of Transformer T2
Table 1 SCADA


The object of this paper is to analyze the activation of two mechanical depressurization devices, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) and the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV), during an internal arc on a transformer installed at the JSC RusHydro Boguchanskaya Hydro Power Plant, located in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. The incident occurred on phase B of the transformer T2, on May 3, 2013.

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Oil bushing cable Box protections


Power transformers are the cornerstone of the electricity grid and their protection is crucial for all the generation, transmission and distribution companies around the world. Power transformer explosions are common and lead to fire, risk to human life, power outages, environmental pollution, generating huge expenses.

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