Securing Safety and Elevating Grid Reliability​


The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP), a cutting-edge passive mechanical system, stands as the singular proven solution to avert transformer explosions and fires. Recognized as a Fast Depressurization System by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) under Recommendation 850, its unparalleled reliability is unquestionable.​

Underpinning the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR’s robust performance is a 15 million Product Liability Insurance, which, remarkably, remains unclaimed to date. The TP seamlessly integrates into both new and existing transformers, spanning capacities from 0.1 to 1,250 MVA and beyond. No modifications are needed to the transformer body, as installations make use of existing manholes.​


Enhancing electricity grid reliability, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR emerges as a pinnacle of safety and efficiency, safeguarding transformers and ensuring uninterrupted power supply.​

Under such conditions, the substation remains immune to damage, facilitating a quicker and more efficient restoration of service.​

Transformers play a pivotal role in the transmission and distribution of electricity. The repercussions of a transformer failure extend beyond the affected substation, creating additional stress on other substations in the network. This can result in heightened load demands, leading to potential blackouts that impact industrial plants, business areas, and residents.​

The transformative impact of the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR alleviates major concerns, eliminating risks such as:​

With a remarkable track record of over 900 TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) units sold, we have successfully safeguarded more than 50,000 MVA worldwide. These units are strategically deployed in over 17 countries, benefitting more than 30 end users. Prominent transformer brands across the industry have chosen to integrate multiple TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR units into their transformers, attesting to the product’s reliability and effectiveness.​

On a global scale, within the Distribution & Transmission network, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is widely regarded by numerous stakeholders as the go-to solution for enhancing electricity reliability and safety. Its proven performance and widespread adoption underscore its pivotal role in fortifying power systems around the world.​

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