The Company is proud of the values with which it conducts business. It has and will continue to uphold the highest levels of business ethics and personal integrity in all types of transactions and interactions. To this end, this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics serves to (1) emphasize the Company’s commitment to ethics and compliance with the law; (2) set forth basic standards of ethical and legal behavior; and (3) help prevent and detect wrongdoing.


Key Principles

Social Responsibilities

Transformer Protector Corp. (TPC) conducts its business in a manner that is socially responsible. Safety cannot be compromised! Diligence and consistency are an integral part of its operations.

Highest Moral, Legal and Ethical Standards

TPC conducts its affairs in keeping with the highest moral, legal, and ethical standards – keeping in mind its mandate of testing for public safety. Only high-level technical and ethical compliance confirmation is supportable.


Honesty is not be subject to compromise. Evaluation and testing of products, follow-up services, or market surveillance is not to be compromised. The requirements and their intent in ISO standards are fully applied and never compromised.

Conflicts of Interest

Independence of the organization, its employees, and representatives is critical. An employee’s position with the organization must never be used, directly or indirectly, for private gain or to obtain favors, or for personal benefits for a family member or for any other person. An employee’s actions and relationships must be in such a manner as to avoid even the appearance of compromise in performance of duties. Employees, representatives, and their family members are not to become involved with clients, vendors, competitors, or others in any manner which might influence company decisions or actions.

Compliance with the Applicable Laws

TPC fully complies with all the applicable laws and regulations that govern its operations in the various communities and countries where it carries out its business.

Competition and fair dealing

TPC seeks competitive advantages through superior performance, never through unethical or illegal business practices. No employee or officer is permitted to engage in price fixing, bid rigging, allocation of markets or customers, or similar illegal activities.