The sole proven solution to prevent transformers explosions and fire. 

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR operates as a passive mechanical system, triggered by the First Dynamic Pressure Peak originating from any low impedance fault. Suitable for both new and existing transformers, ranging from 0.1 MVA to 1,000 MVA and beyond, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is versatile in its application.

Featuring various protection configurations tailored to transformer design and customer technical specifications, Transformer Protector Corp. provides a high-performing, cost-effective, and compatible solution. The emphasis is on facilitating ease of implementation without disrupting the existing transformer design.​

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR guarantees a reliable power supply. Through its mechanical operation, it upgrades safety of transformers during cyberattacks, enhancing the resilience and robustness of the energy grid. Resilience entails the ability to withstand disasters, while robustness allows adaptation to evolving energy sources.​

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Achieves tank depressurization within milliseconds
Prevents contact between air (oxygen) and explosive and inflammable gases (e.g., Acetylene, Hydrogen, etc.)
Effectively separates gases from oil​
Channels flammable gases away from the transformer to a remote area​
Eliminates explosive and flammable gases trapped in the transformer by injecting an inert gas into the tank, averting the potential bazooka effect that could harm technicians during tank opening after a low impedance fault
Swiftly brings the transformer to a safe condition for repair after a short-circuit​

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR aligns with the definition of a Fast Depressurization System according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), as outlined in NFPA Recommendation 850, 2020 edition

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