Who We Are

Transformer Protector Corp. the world leader in prevention of transformer explosions and fire.

TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR CORPORATION (TPC) is an American company founded in 2005, strategically based in the Energy Capital of the World at Humble TX, just a few moments away from the Houston George Bush International Airport (IAH).

In 2011 to support in a better way our clients of the region TPC opened its south America centered branch with the creation of TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR SOUTH AMERICA TPSA, based on Lima Peru. Since then, we have built a team that understands the needs and the specificities of the market and is ready to process efficiently all business queries.

Born under the philosophy of research and innovation; TPC has evolve to become a regional leader in Transformer Explosions & Fire prevention; nowadays the company is the only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) in North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. ​

Leadership Philosophy

Core Principles

The core principles that guide Transformer Protector Corporation are expertise and quality, and our goal is to buildup based on those principles to achieve innovation and engineer excellence in all the projects we intervene. Our essence relies on the fact that we are family owned, independent engineering company, with a strong regional presence and leadership in Transformer’s explosions and fire prevention. ​


The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR stands as an advanced mechanical solution that operates independently of third-party sensors. It responds within milliseconds to fault events, swiftly depressurizing the transformer to prevent the buildup of static pressure.​​

TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR systems are custom designed and built in the United States of America by Transformer Protector Corp. Among others, companies like PG&E or Dominion Energy have trusted us to enhance the safety of their transformers fleet and electrical installations.​​​

​Tailored to each transformer design, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR can be seamlessly installed on both existing and new transformers, ranging from 0.1 MVA to 1,000 MVA and beyond. This versatility is exemplified by its successful installation of a (TP) to protect the biggest Nuclear Power Plant in central America Laguna Verde MX.​​​

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Aligned with our steadfast commitment to fortifying power resilience, Transformer Protector Corporation has conducted extensive live tests at reputable independent laboratories. Notable among these tests is the CEPEL High Voltage Laboratory in 2004.​

Through these rigorous tests, it was conclusively demonstrated that the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR excels in safeguarding transformers from explosions during arcing faults. Its performance surpassed expectations, showcasing remarkable efficacy as a Fast Depressurization System that complies with the NFPA code 850.​


Mastering knowledge of phenomena associated with transformer explosions and fires for developing preventive technologies.​
Innovating solutions to address customers' needs.
Sharing knowledge with stakeholders to raise awareness of risks associated with transformer explosions and fires.​
Securing the implementation of preventive measures on transformers.​
Initiating actions to establish new regulations, ensuring a safe and sustainable energy grid with transformers.​
Optimizing strategies for enhancing transformer safety and preventing incidents.​
Nurturing a commitment to a secure and sustainable energy future through transformer-related initiatives.​
Striving for excellence in all aspects of transformer safety and technology.​ ​

Today TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR CORP. is a certified ISO 9001:2015 company which has established itself as an indisputable leader creating solutions to prevent transformers explosions and fire.​

To support its operations, TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR CORP. is continuously seeking top talent to shape the future leadership of the company.