Regional Leader

Global Leadership: Transformer Protector's Customized Solutions for Safety and Excellence

Transformer Protector Corporation is the undeniable regional leader in transformers explosions and fire prevention for the Americas market with a global reach. It counts with headquarters in Humble TX United States, Lima Peru, and agents all around the world ready to meet the needs of those looking to improve their electrical installations and the safety of their transformers. This diverse workforce enables the company to provide personalized support and expertise, regardless of the location.​​

TPC has more than 900 systems operating in more than 17 countries, spanning capacities from 0.1 to 1,250 MVA and beyond.​​

The company has earned a reputation as a reliable partner across multiple industries. Its solutions find application in critical sectors such as Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Oil & Gas, Steel, Mining, Industrial Processing, and Manufacturing Plants. By safeguarding transformers from explosions and fires, TPC has averted significant economic losses to transformer owners consequently saving them hundreds of millions of dollars.​​​​

A key differentiator in our global operations is its unwavering DEDICATION TO CUSTOMIZATION. The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is meticulously designed and developed to suit the unique design of each transformer, ensuring optimal fit and performance. This adaptability allows the company to cater to the specific needs and requirements of a diverse range of companies.​​

​Holding ISO 9001:2015 certification, TPC adheres to stringent quality standards in its global operations. The company’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is demonstrated through its successful track record and proven solutions.​​​

​Aligned with a shared vision across the Board of Directors and staff worldwide, TPC remains dedicated to securing power grids, protecting companies, and preserving the environment. As the company progresses, it eagerly embraces opportunities for collaboration with partners globally, aiming to drive innovation and enhance the safety and efficiency of power infrastructure.​​