Guaranteeing Continuous Power Supply​

In the distribution segment, transformers play a pivotal role, and any failure directly impacts end-users and nearby communities. With advancing technology, our reliance on power supply has increased significantly, extending to homes, devices, and even vehicles. This heightened dependency makes any incident a potential catalyst for a chain reaction, disrupting power supply and causing prolonged outages.​

Such disruptions can result in political and social tensions, leading to conflicts with neighboring communities and local authorities. To address these challenges, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR™ emerges as a vital system, ensuring supply stability, enhancing safety, and safeguarding against transformer explosions and fires. As a passive mechanical system, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR™ stands as the sole proven solution in preventing such incidents. Recognized as a Fast Depressurization System, it aligns with NFPA Recommendations 850, providing a comprehensive and reliable safeguard for uninterrupted power supply.​

Supported by an unused 15 million Product Liability Insurance, a testament to its exceptional performance, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR™ has undergone rigorous testing and operation on transformers afflicted by internal short-circuits.​

Versatile in application, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR™ can be seamlessly installed on both existing and new transformers, spanning capacities from 0.1 to 1,000 MVA and beyond. Notably, the transformer remains unaltered, and the installation utilizes existing manholes, ensuring a non-intrusive process.​

With a robust presence of over 900 TP units safeguarding more than 50,000 MVA, they have been deployed by over 30 end users across 17 countries. Prominent transformer brands have embraced the integration of multiple TP units, reinforcing their commitment to reliability and safety. In the global Distribution & Transmission network, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR™ is universally recognized by stakeholders as the go-to solution for significantly enhancing the reliability and safety of electricity.​

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