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Distribution Transformers are often located near residents, in buildings or underground. When an incident occurs on these transformers, they are a direct threat to inhabitants. It has been seen in many occasions that hotels, buildings, or hospitals have been evacuated due to transformer explosion and its consequent fires.

In some cases, people can be injured or even worse. When transformers are in remote areas, it is difficult for firefighters to intervene quickly to extinguish the fire. Many wildfires have started due to transformers, leading to forest or agricultural fields destroyed. Transformer fires are risky to the population and impact the environment.}

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The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR has a specific design to increase transformers’ safety and prevent all risks associated to transformer explosions. The TP can be installed on transformers from 0.1 MVA and is already installed on many transformers that have a rating below 10 MVA.

Distribution sub-station

Human life risk | safety | bad reputation

Installation in Bolivia

Horizontal depressurization set | OLTC depressurization set | 50 MVA | 2 step-down transformers

Underground Transformer

Human life risk | safety | communities risk

Installation in Namibia

Horizontal depressurization set | 50 MVA | 2 indoor step-down transformers

Installation in Brazil

Horizontal depressurization set | OLTC depressurization set | 40 MVA | 3 indoor step-down transformers

Distribution sub-station

Outage | wildfire risk | safety

Installation in Mexico

Vertical depressurization set | 25 MVA | 7 step-down transformers

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