Elevating transformer safety through the innovative TL CONSERVATOR SHUTTER.​

In the absence of protection from the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP), an internal fault in an oil-filled transformer can lead to a hazardous situation. The resulting electric arc produces explosive gases that rapidly generate overpressure, ultimately resulting in a transformer tank explosion. Subsequently, the damaged tank cover exposes the explosive gases to oxygen, igniting a fire. Regrettably, the conservator oil exacerbates the situation by causing a transformer tank overflow, allowing the fire to spread to surrounding equipment and the entire plant.​

The vital role of the TPC CONSERVATOR SHUTTER Type TL is to detect and isolate the conservator tank during instances of excessive flow. By doing so, this innovative mechanism prevents the conservator oil from fueling the transformer fire. This safety feature is of paramount importance and aligns with recommendations from organizations such as IEEE, CIGRE, and others, underscoring its significance for transformer safety.​

The TPC CONSERVATOR SHUTTER Type TL is distinguishable by the following features:​

Two distinct types are available:​

This comprehensive design ensures versatility, reliability, and adaptability to diverse operational environments, making it a wise choice for transformer safety.​

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