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Loopholes in regulations

torre electrica

 The IEC 76 Norm for transformer design only includes basic measurements that do not cover mechanical design or protection of oil capacities against overpressure...

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Transformer risks

cerca voltaje

Transformers are always considered the most critical equipment inside plants, due to the large quantity of oil in contact with high voltage elements...

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Transformer explosion process

Transformer under pressure 360 x 202

When a dielectric oil insulation rupture occurs, the electrical arc vaporizes the transformer oil. Within few milliseconds, a high-pressure explosive gas bubble...

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NFPA 850 recommendation


 Because of the loopholes in regulations and the growing number of transformer explosions and fires in 2010, the National Fire Protection Association has included...

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Explosion consequences

transformer explosion

 An intensive Internet research program about transformer explosion incidents conducted by TPC, reveals the extent and gravity of the consequences...

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transformer protector limit

Considering the large number of exploded transformers equipped with all possible protections, monitoring technologies or plants fully equipped with...

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