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Transmission sub-stations are often critical for supplying power or located in remote areas. When a transformer explosion occurs, the sub-station needs to be repaired and the transformer to be replaced. The disturbance in the transmission grid can lead to important consequences, such as:

  • Regional outage affecting several hundreds thousands of businesses and homes
  • Bush wildfires
  • Financial penalties
  • Financial losses
  • Environmental pollution

The experience has shown that transformer explosion can reach over $ tens of millions in loss.

The human life risk needs to be considered for the transmission sub-stations located in cities. The fire or the bushing turrets can lead to injuries or even worse. In some cases, the sub-station is in a building and an explosion can cause the building to collapse.

 The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR prevents such incidents to occur by depressurizing the transformer within milliseconds after an electrical fault initiates in the transformer tank, bushing turret or on-load tap changer. The TP has already prevented transmission transformer to explode from 60 MVA to 800 MVA.

Transmission sub-station
Transmission sub-station

Grid transmission risk | wildfire risk | far from fire fighters

Installation in Brazil
Installation in Brazil

Horizontal depressurization set | OLTC depressurization set | 12 step-down transformers from 27 to 500 MVA | 500 kV sub-station

HVDC sub-station
HVDC sub-station

financial loss | human life risk | wildfire risk

Installation in United States
Installation in the United States

45o depressurization set | OLTC depressurization set | 80 MVA | 4 indoor step-down transformers and one 0.5 MVA transformer

Installation in Mexico

Horizontal depressurization set | OLTC depressurization set | bushing turret depressurization sets | 168 MVA | 2 transformers

Installation in Chile
Installation in Chile

Vertical depressurization set | 65 MVA transformer | 1 step-down transformer

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