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Many industries have a need of high energy consumption and own their transformers. When a transformer explodes, the plant can be out of service for several days, directly generating a financial loss.

Even if a few industries use a 50% load capacity on each of their transformers to anticipate a transformer failure, a transformer explosion and fire can affect the second transformer, leading to loss of production.

In some industries, the risk can be even higher:

  • Mining: When transformers are located underground, the mining infrastructure can be impacted with a transformer explosion. It impacts directly to human life
  • Wood industries: a spark is a real risk as it is surrounded of wood and it is a dry area
  • Oil & Gas: Transformers can be located near oil and gas, and a fire can lead to a dangerous explosion
  • Chemicals: Chemical plant explosions have already led to death. As for other industries, a fire can have a high level of consequences


Considering the high level of risk associated to the loss of a transformer and its consequences, many industries have opted for the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR to secure their assets, such as, but not limited to::

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Steel
  • Car manufacturing
  • Cement
  • Sugar processing
Steel plant
Steel plant

Financial loss | safety | environment pollution

Installation in Argentina
Installation in Argentina

Horizontal depressurization set | OLTC depressurization set | 3 x bushing turret depressurization sets | 160 MVA transformer

Chemical plant
Chemical plant

Human life risk | financial loss | communities risk

Installation in United States
Installation in United States

45o depressurization set | 46.6 MVA | 5 transformers

Distribution sub-station
Distribution sub-station

Outage | wildfire risk | safety

Installation in Nicaragua
Installation in Nicaragua

Vertical depressurization set | OLTC depressurization set | 4.7 MVA transformer

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