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Transformers are a key asset in Power Plants. When a transformer explodes, an important direct loss occurs, after not been able to sell the power. Insurance companies have well identified the risks associated to the transformer loss as it is considered being one of the 2 most important power generation assets that leads to the highest risk in Power Plants.

A few examples, among many others, can highlight the important financial impact when a transformer explosion occurs:

Nuclear Power Plant

2 transformer explosions | ~ 5 years outage | ~$100 million losses | plant closed due to political pressure

Protect your assets




Thermal Power Plant

Transformer explosion | all 9 transformers burnt | $20 million material loss | $200 million financial loss | 2 units closed




Protect your assets

Hydro Power Plant

Transformer explosion | damages in the surrounding area | transmission pillar damage due to bushing turret | 250 days outage | $100 million financial loss | environmental pollution with penalties | communities’ issues




Protect your assets

  In addition to the financial consequences, we can list the associated risks:

  • Human life risk, as often employees work next to transformers.
  • Environment pollution risks as many plants are located next to the water.
  • Additional safety risk when transformers are located in vault/indoor.
  • Stock market fluctuation.
  • Communities' issues.

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR provides an effective preventive answer to these risks.


Hydro Power Plant

financial loss | environment pollution | communities risk

Installation in the United States

2 x 45º depressurization sets | 683.2 MVA | 1 GSU

Installation in the United States

‘45º Depressurization set | 131 MVA | 1 GSU

Off-shore wind farm

environment pollution | safety | human life risk

Installation in the United Kingdom

Horizontal depressurization set | slice OGST | 250 MVA | 5 GSU

Thermal power plant

financial loss | human life risk | communities risk

Installation in Mexico

Vertical depressurization set | 450 MVA | 6 GSU

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