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Technology leader in preventing avoidable transformer explosions and fire

Transformer Protector Corp. (TPC) is the leader in transformer explosion prevention and fire.

This niche market has been created to prevent transformers from exploding, which can save the surrounding area, human lives, financial losses and customer’s reputation.

Improving companies’ knowledge of the transformer explosion phenomena to develop preventive technologies

Always at the forefront of research, TPC is investing to create new technologies to meet customers’ requirements.

Since its creation, research investments are one of the TPC keys of success.

TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR as an international standard to ensure more safety and to protect the environment

In addition to providing outstanding return of investment, the TP brings safety.

Transformer explosions are not only dangerous because of the associated fire but also for earth and water pollution.

Nowadays, all industries understand the importance of sustainable development, and TPC wants to participate in this important concern by preventing pollution to occur.

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