You’re ‘Steel’ the One

Stop and take a look at your kitchen, did you cut an onion for your family’s dinner last night – did you put the leftovers in the fridge?  …Busted!

You are looking at the powerful, sustainable and extreme usefulness of STEEL.

Steel is:

  • WSteel Infographichat gets you from point A to point B every day – whether you take a car, bus, or subway to work each day
  • What holds your house together when a crazy hurricane is blowing through – yes, we are a little too familiar with those in Houston
  • Essential to not losing one of your ten short, but important appendages with ‘steel toe boots’
  • One of the cleanest industries in the US and is recycled more than plastic, paper, aluminum and glass combined

Transformers are an essential part of each steel mill, however if one of them fails, the mill will lose production each day the transformer is offline. While there are huge risks associated with an explosion, there is also a hefty loss of revenue daily.

The trickling effect – yes, that’s a scientific term – leads to the following:

Decrease in production
Increase in demand
Increase in prices
…and pretty soon, you will have to buy aluminum toe boots

Perhaps that’s a little over dramatic, but you get the idea.

How can a steel plant ensure they don’t fall into a predicament when their transformers fail? It’s simple, by protecting those pesky little suckers and saving the lives of their employees.